The Summary report provides a detailed breakdown of costs in an invoice-like format. The services defined in the system determine what you'll see here.

Once logged into the system, go to Reports > Summary. From here you're able to generate different kinds of detailed costs reports, which can be used for billing, chargeback and showback.

Filters and Reporting Depth

Once you have selected your date range and chosen which report you to activate will be presented with the summary cost report as shown above. By default it will show all consumed services for an account. As accounts are hierarchical, this view will include consumed services for all children of the selected account. Therefore it is important that you select an appropriate Depth when running this report.

Grouping and display of Instances

The Summary report has a few options that you can turn on and off. These options allow you to tune the amount of detail shown and the grouping applied to it:

If you want to include a detailed grouping of Services and Service Categories, then ensure that the Services checkbox is enabled. The same goes for including Instance level information. The latter enables you to view resource level consumption data, such as the Virtual Machine hostname, Container or User Name.

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