Metadata allows you to store information related to a specific account or service
After you have prepared a new report and thereby created accounts, you might want to have the ability to store related account information per account. Exivity allows you to do this on the accounts overview page but first we will have to create a Metadata definition before we can associate it to a report and its levels. Apart from applying metadata to Accounts, as of version 2.10.1, it is also possible to apply metadata to Services.

Step 1: Defining metadata fields

At the metadata page you define the type of form fields you want to use on the accounts overview page.
Defining form fields

Field label

The field label represents the name of your form field


The type field represents the eventual value type. At this moment Exivity offers you the following types:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.


It is possible to configure field contents validation using a regular expression, by expanding the options on the right side. The below shows an example of how to define a GUID validation regex:
Field data validation
Always ensure to enclose your regex between two slashes (/), for example:

Step 2: Associate metadata to report levels

Now that we have defined the metadata, we would like to associate it with a report and its levels on the reports page. You can associate different metadata to each level within the same report.
Associating metadata to report levels
If you are updating or creating a report, do not forget to (re-)prepare your report.
We are now fully set up to store related information on the accounts overview page.
Storing address information for an account