How to configure receiving a monthly billing report

Learn how to configure receiving your monthly report by email

Exivity has a powerful Workflow engine and Notification engine. These two combined allow users to receive their billing reports monthly by email or other notification channels.

These are the steps to configure receiving your monthly billing report by email:

  1. Navigate to the Notifications menu. Click on your username at the top right corner of the screen, then select My Notifications.

This tutorial teaches you how to create a notification that sends a report for yourself, but you can also create them for other users if you have admin rights.

2. Fill in the details (Name, Title and Description) and make sure the Trigger is set to Workflow Ended.

3. Select the workflow created for publishing your report monthly.

4. Apply the trigger of the Workflow Status to Successful workflows:

5. In the Filenames section, it is possible to use regular expressions to select which files to export.

For example, if you configured the publishing of a monthly report (on the 15th day of every month) for your Departments account, the file name will be similar to report-Departments-account-range-20220115-20220315.You can select your file with a regular expression whose name starts with the string "Report-Departments" and ends with "15":


In this example, the (.*?) in the regular expression has the role of matching any character 0 or more times, meaning that any string can be between "report-Departments" and "15".

You may also be interested in selecting only the files that start with a certain String. For example to select the files starting with "report-Departments", you may use the following regular expression:


Or you may choose to select the files that end with a certain string, for example, ending with "15":


6. In this scenario, you want to send the file along with the notification only if the file was created/modified after the start time of that workflow. To achieve this, tick the Enabled box next to Since workflow start time.

7. It is possible to compress the files by ticking the Enabled box next to Compress Attachments.

The files will be sent in a PDF/CSV format.

8. Select the channel. You may want to send the report to your email.

9. Finally, click the Create button.

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