User interface

This article describes the functionalities available in the User Interface
The graphical user interface of Exivity is a purely client-side application, which means it runs inside your web browser. It communicates with the Exivity REST-API to obtain data records, report data and general configuration. This means all functionality available in the GUI can also be accessed programmatically.
Throughout this documentation, the graphical user interface will be referred to as the Glass Interface.
The interface allows you to do the following:
  • Develop extractors
  • Create transformer (ETL) tasks
  • Configure report definitions
  • Run graphical usage & costs reports
  • Run textual usage & costs reports
  • View a detailed breakdown of costs in an invoice-like format in the Summary report
  • Schedule various tasks and execute them at a specific date by creating workflows
  • Map missing data by creating Lookups
  • Store information related to a specific account or service by adding Metadata
  • Create notifications for certain events, like for example the publishing of a report
  • Access and manage your Datasets
  • General configuration
  • Manage users & roles
More features are added on a regular basis.