Workflow notifications

Learn how to create notifications for the status of your workflow

Users can get notified (on a notification channel) whenever a workflow has finished its execution. This way you can inform customers, departments, or project owners when their configured workflow has finished successfully or with a failed status. These are the steps to configure a Workflow notification:

This tutorial teaches you how to create notifications for yourself, but you can also create them for other users if you have admin rights.

1. Create a Workflow or choose an existing one.

2. Click on your username at the top right corner of the screen, then select My Notifications.

3. Fill in the details (Name, Title and Description) and make sure the Trigger is set to Workflow Ended:

4. Select one or more Workflows.

5. You can apply a trigger for a successfully finished workflow, a failed workflow, or both:

6. In the Filenames section, it is possible to use regular expressions to select which files to export.

7. You can opt for sending a file along with the notification only if the file was created/modified after the start time of that workflow. To achieve this, tick the Enabled box next to Since workflow start time.

8. It is possible to compress the files by ticking the Enabled box next to Compress Attachments.

9. Finally, click the Create button.

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