How to store contract information with an Account in a report

Learn how to store details like contract start date/end date or contact details in a report

The Metadata feature in Exivity can be leveraged to store relevant information about contracts (like Contract ID, Customer ID, contact details, etc.) together with Accounts in report summaries. First, we need to create a Metadata definition, then associate it to one or more Accounts. These are the steps to achieve this:

  1. Navigate to the Data Pipelines > Metadata menu and click Create Metadata.

  2. Choose a meaningful name for your Metadata definition.

  3. By clicking the + button, you can add fields. Add your prefered fields with their corresponding type. For example:

4. Click Create to save your Metadata.

5. Now, we need to associate this Metadata definition with a report. Go to Data Pipelines > Reports and choose your prefered report. Click on the Configuration tab and you will notice that for each Key Column you have the option to add Metadata. In this example, we associated the "Contract Information" Metadata with the Customer level Account:

6. Click Update to apply your changes.

7. To fill in the contract details you just created, go to the Accounts menu, select Overview and from the list of Accounts, you will notice that at the Account level associated with Metadata, you can add values:

8. Click Update to save. Finally, the contract information for the configured Account(s) will be visible in the report.

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