The default statement is used to explicitly define the default DSET to use when specifying a column name as an argument in subsequent statements.


default dsetsource.alias


Given that multiple DSETS can be loaded at once, it is necessary to specify which DSET to operate on when performing actions such as creating a new column with create. A column name in a Transcript statement is assumed as belonging to the default DSET unless it is a fully qualified column name.

If there is no default statement in the Transcript, then the first CSV file imported via the import statement will automatically be designated as the default DSET.

The default statement can be used multiple times throughout a Transcript, in which case the default DSET will be whichever was specified by the last default statement executed.

Lastly, when executing a finish statement, unless otherwise specified, the default DSET will be used to populate the reporting database created as a result.

When changing the default DSET, any service definitions that referenced the default DSET at the time they were created will be updated with the new default DSET.


Set custom.datafile as the default DSET:

default dset custom.datafile

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