The lowercase statement is used to set all letters in a variable or named buffer to lower case.





The single parameter to the lowercase statement determines whether or not the text to be normalised to lower case is located in a variable value or in a named buffer.

If the parameter starts and ends with { and } respectively then the text to be processed is in the named buffer identified by the contents of the curly braces.

If not, then the text to be processed is the value of the variable named by the parameter.


The following script:

var test = "123HellO WOrlD!!"
print ${test}

uppercase test
print Upper variable: ${test}

lowercase test
print Lower variable: ${test}

buffer testbuf = DATA "123HellO WOrlD!!"

uppercase {testbuf}
print Upper buffer: {testbuf}

lowercase {testbuf}
print Lower buffer: {testbuf}

... produces the following output:

USE: Unified Scriptable Extractor
123HellO WOrlD!!
Upper variable: 123HELLO WORLD!!
Lower variable: 123hello world!!
Upper buffer: 123HELLO WORLD!!
Lower buffer: 123hello world!!

USE script finished successfully

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