How to automatically trigger a monthly billing report

Learn how to configure publishing a report on a monthly basis

Exivity enables customers to generate summaries of the cloud spend on a schedule. You may choose to publish a report of your resource usage and costs quarterly, monthly or daily. This article guides you through the steps of publishing a monthly report: In order to trigger the publishing automatically, you must use the Workflow engine.

1. Navigate to the Data Pipelines > Workflow menu and select Workflows.

2. Click Create Workflow.

3. Provide a meaningful name and description.

4. Click Add Schedule.

4.1. The Type selection should be monthly.

4.2. Furthermore, the interval field Run Every should be set to 1 Month.

4.3. Select the start date (Effective from), Start time and Time zone.

5. Click the Add Step button and set the type to Publish report.

6. Choose your report from the drop-down list.

7. The Timeout setting allows you to choose the interval of waiting, before trying to execute this step again, in the event of a failure.

8. Finally, click Create.

In combination with the Notification engine, you can receive your monthly report on a notification channel (for example: email).

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