The terminate statement will exit the USE script immediately.


terminate [with error]


Normally a USE script will finish execution when an error is encountered or when the end of the script file is reached, whichever comes first.

When the terminate statement is encountered, the script will finish at that point. No statements after the terminate statement will be executed.

By default, the script will exit with a success status, however it may be useful to exit deliberately when an error such as an invalid or unexpected response from an HTTP session is detected. Adding the keywords with error to the statement will cause it to exit with an error status.


set http_savefile = extracted/serverdata.txt
buffer serverdata = http GET "https://server.com/uri"
if (${HTTP_STATUS_CODE} != 200) {
    print Got HTTP status ${HTTP_STATUS_CODE}, expected a status of 200
    print The server response was:
    print {serverdata} 
    terminate with error
} else {
    print Received data from server successfully

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