Exivity provides a full REST-API which acts as a programmatic interface to each operation supported through the Graphical User Interface (GUI). On top of that, some operations can be exclusively executed through the API (such as file uploads).

A reference guide on all API endpoints and further details about implementation and authentication can be found at

GUI automation API

A simple JavaScript API is provided which enables programmatic access to some features normally controlled by a user in the GUI.

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Single Sign-On

With Exivity it's possible to connect your existing AD/ADFS/AAD user directory so your end-users can benefit from an easy SSO experience.

Currently, Exivity supports the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) v2 protocol, supported by a large number of identity providers.

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We're currently in the planning stages of developing Exivity SDKs in various languages which would make interfacing with the REST-API very straightforward and easy to implement.

If you want to learn more, please let us know at

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