Directory structure

This article describes the directory structure after the installation
Exivity uses two main disk directories when it's installed. One to store the user data and one to store the software files. These directories are called the home and program directories, respectively.
On the system where Exivity is installed, the following environmental variables contain a absolute path reference to these directories: EXIVITY_HOME_DIRECTORY and EXIVITY_PROGRAM_DIRECTORY.

Home directory

The home directory should preferably be located on a dedicated volume i.e. D:\exivity\home and it is recommended that it be located on an SSD drive.

Program directory

The main program directory as it should be installed by the Exivity installer:
├─── bin Backend binaries
| ├─── exivityd.exe
| ├─── chronos.exe
| ├─── horizon.exe
| ├─── edify.exe
| ├─── transcript.exe
| └─── use.exe
├─── server Frontend / API dependencies
| ├─── nginx
| ├─── php
| ├─── rabbitmq
| ├─── pgsql
| └─── redis
├─── web Compiled frontend repositories
| ├─── glass
| └─── proximity
├─── *.bat
└─── uninstall.exe